About Us

In business since 1995, Rock Engineering is a dedicated team of talented mechanical engineers, manufacturing engineers, designers, and project managers skilled in the areas of product and process development, project management, and consulting.

As a contract engineering service company in South Windsor Connecticut, our staff is available for both short or long-term assignments, either on-site or remote. Our mission is to utilize technology, creativity, and communication to deliver the finest mechanical engineering solutions for our customers. We have extensive experience across a variety of CAD and FEA software packages, and seek to develop innovative designs, products, processes, and solutions that give our customers a competitive edge in their markets.

We are also a PTC authorized training partner, with many years of experience providing instruction in Creo and related PTC software packages. We hold various classes on a regular basis, both at our office and on location, and are happy to schedule a class to meet your needs and interest.

Rock Engineering Desk Meeting