About Our Services

Primarily as a contract engineering provider, Rock Engineering has consistently provided design and manufacturing experienced personnel with strong CAD skills to assist in or lead design projects. Over and over again our customers renew or extend our contracts because of the quality of service they receive. See below for engineering services details, or click here for training services.


Productivity Increase, Improve Employee Satisfaction, Greater Return on Investment.

With our years of manufacturing and product design experience along with our CAD skills, we can help your group improve proficiency in all areas.

Our Consulting Staff Can Provide:

  • Skills assessment
  • Mentoring
  • On site Services

Design Engineering

Shorter Development Times, Optimized Designs, Lower Development Costs.

We are product development specialists. We are not a job shop. All Rock Engineering Design Engineers are direct employees with full benefits so we retain our skills. Our staff comes to you with many years of engineering and CAD/CAE experience. We continually improve our technical and communication skills at our home office training Center. We bring well over 100 man-years of CAD experience to your projects where we will quickly become a key member of your development team.

Our Contract Designers Specialize In:

  • Product & Machine Design
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Mechanisms, Animations
  • Design Optimization
  • Industrial Design
  • Test Plans, Technical Publications
  • Design Layout, Drafting, Checking
  • Tolerance Studies

Manufacturing Engineering

Higher Quality, Improved Communication, Lower Production Costs.

Break down the wall between design and manufacturing for more success. Using the models from your CAD design database for manufacturing the deliverables is efficient, leads to stronger, integrated development teams and higher quality. We have the experience to take your design into production.

Our Contract Manufacturing Engineers Specialize In:

  • Tool Design
  • Process Sheets, Manuals
  • CNC Programming
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Prototyping & Fabrication
  • Value Engineering

Project Management

Reduced Time to Market, Higher Quality, More New Product Development.

Successfully advance technical projects in a short time frame. Reduced time to market is the key to company profitability. Our design and manufacturing experience, along with our ability to take advantage of the latest engineering and project management tools adds up to projects being developed faster, better and less expensively. Offload tasks to our technical staff to allow your project engineers to move onto the next product development project.

Our Project Management Staff Specializes In:

  • Data Management
  • Expediting
  • CAE Implementation
  • Vendor Evaluation & Selection
  • Project Planning
  • Presentations, Specifications

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