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Workgroup Data Management with Pro/INTRALINK

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Intralink 3.3


In this course you will learn how to effectively manage product design information in a workgroup setting. This includes learning how to access and store product design information in Pro/INTRALINK, as well as how to manage that information throughout the product design process. You will also learn how to interact and work effectively with other designers in your workgroup by taking advantage of Pro/INTRALINK collaboration tools. This hands-on course includes extensive lab exercises, all of which enable you to complete relevant tasks in the context of realistic product design scenarios. During the lab exercises you will practice performing tasks that are assigned to designers, drafters, and managers. This experience will expose you to the main aspects of managing product design information with Pro/INTRALINK, and you will see how the different roles interact and collaborate on design activities. After completing this course you will be well-prepared to actively participate in product design activities with Pro/INTRALINK.

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2 Day(s)

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