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Pro/ENGINEER Data Management using Windchill PDMLink 9.1

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TRN-2208-T In this course, you will learn key capabilities and features of PDMLink CAD Data Management and how to use PDMLink to manage Pro/ENGINEER design information. Specifically, you will focus on the day-to-day data management tasks required by the Pro/ENGINEER user community, including how to associate the Pro/ENGINEER CAD data structure to the eBOM. You will also learn how to use PDMLink to perform basic PDM functions on Pro/ENGINEER CAD Documents and their associated eBOM objects. The course materials are designed to replace modules 4, 5, and 6 of the Introduction to Windchill PDMLink 9.0 course or all modules of Windchill PDMLink 9.0 – CAD Data Management course for students who must share and manage Pro/ENGINEER design data in PDMLink. You will complete Pro/FICIENCY skills assessment questions for each module. These questions are used to help reinforce your understanding of the course topics and form the basis for daily review sessions. After completing this course, you will be prepared to complete basic PDMLink CAD data management tasks and activities, as well as having a better understanding of PDMLink CAD data management processes. Prerequisites • T2136 (Introduction to Windchill PDMLink 9.0) or SAB-CEK2491 (Windchill PDMLink 9.0 - Application Orientation). • Working knowledge of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0.

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1 Day(s)

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